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Not-for-Profit Governance Forum 2024

At the 2024 Not-for-Profit Governance Forum, we will look at ways in which we can: Measure effective delivery of the organisational mission and goals. See the metrics that will interrogate and quantify the scale, fitness, and impactful delivery of strategy and service. Consider how this […]

Psychosocial Safety – Minimising Your Legal and Workplace Risk

The responsibilities of CEOs and their leaders have been significantly expanded to include not just physical but multiple dimensions of wellness at work, otherwise known as psychological social safety. In light of continuous legislative updates, organisations need to not only comprehend their legal obligations but implement proper due diligence […]

Humanitarian Visas and the Community Support Program (CSP)

In the July instalment of RAILS’ monthly online CPD sessions, RAILS lawyer, Sadia Azizi will share her expertise in preparing optimal humanitarian applications. She will also explain the benefits of the Community Support Program (CSP), how to identify clients who are well-suited to it, and […]


Join our team!

Community Legal Centres Queensland is recruiting for a Capacity Building Coordinator. Working as part of the Capacity Building team, you will help community legal centres to provide effective, high quality services to their communities by: Supporting and developing community legal centres’ staff, including volunteers; Coordinating […]

Welcome investment for Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres Queensland welcomes the $14.4 million investment in community legal centres announced in today’s State Budget. Community Legal Centres Queensland Director, Rosslyn Monro, said the investment will provide vital financial support to the state’s 32 community legal centres. “At a time when Queensland […]

NLAP Report Released

The Independent Review of the National Legal Assistance Partnership (NLAP) Final Report has been released. Dr Warren Mundy, who headed up the Review, said the report was informed by months of consultation with stakeholders across the country. “I conducted in excess of 150 meetings with […]

Success Stories

Overturning refusal of parole address

Peter* is an Aboriginal man in his late 20s who is serving a sentence for robbery offences. He has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability and has limited literacy. He is in a long-term relationship with his partner and they have 3 children together, including […]

Townsville Community Law helps Sophie after she was scammed

Scams are getting harder to spot and can have a devestating impact on peoples lives. Sophie* attended a  Townsville Community Law outreach clinic after she had lost $13,000 through a text message spoofing scam. Sophie had received a text message that looked like it was […]

Advocating for autonomy and independence

Ahmed, a 75-year-old widower, was living alone in his own home until a health event resulted in a hospital admission. When Ahmed was admitted it appeared he was struggling to retain information and seemed confused. Hospital staff were concerned about Ahmed’s safety and wellbeing if […]